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Situated at Kilstett you can find seasonal fruits & vegetables  all from  the local producers or organic products. You can also buy local gifts & fresh roasted chickens every Wednesday & Saturday at Noon.

Every Wednesday and Saturday noon?

To take away or eat in

Small chicken (1kg to 1,100 kgs)
Red Label, free range chicken (1,300kgs to 1,400kgs)

Don't hesitate to order!

Looking for an original gift?


I suggest a local fruit basket or other local products, many ideas to suit different tastes & budgets.

Delivery of vegetable basket


Tuesdays between 7 pm and 9 pm on Kilstett and Gambsheim

Thursdays between 12 am and 1 pm on herrlisheim and Offendorf

Fridays between 7 pm and 9 pm on Wantzenau and Weyersheim

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